Saturday, November 20, 2010

National policy for Open Standards notified - Impact on Power Sector

GoI Ministry of Information Technology has notified the National Policy on Open Standards. The policy defines the use of Open Standards in a set of e-Governance projects, that involve the interaction between government departments and citizens, between departments and certain other categories.

Power sector historically has most of its operational software are proprietary, while the communication and integration portions where based on open standards. Of late, there is more and more focus on IEC 61968 / IEC 61970 standards and the NIST focus in US on Inter-operability enabling a set of open standards till the enterprise level. However these necessarily do not get covered under open standards as specified in the policy, especially with respect to a whole set of software that are being used for the R-APDRP.

Will the software and automation vendors in the power sector be willing to open up their software and technology IP as required by the open source requirements is a big question. Will they open up their patents as required and make it royalty free?. It is important that the CEA, CBIP and BIS look into these issues and frame their own standards as it applies to power sector.


The Hindu National policy for Open Standards notified

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